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Delving into the deep archives, I also have home-burned CD copies of my ancient Moving Parts, Ralph’s Lunch, The Lunch, and Left of Center CDs, as well as a singer/songwriter ‘Spare Parts’ CD (tracks left off the ‘Shaker Chair’ and ‘Voices’ CDs.






The Point of No Return

In The Song

Half Off Our Rocker

To The God I Don’t Believe In

Look at All the Funny People

Crop Circle

The Game

Jerry and the Mick

Wake Up Dead

Easy Right Hand

Why Do I Still Remember You

Shaker Chair (live)

Social Intercourse

I Met Myself








Like a Feather

Shaker Chair


The Plane Ride From Hell

Mad Dogs Dancing in the Rain


Mister Middle Class Suburban



Sense of History

Until I Scare Myself


shaker chair cover

My first CD, “Shaker Chair,” was released in 2000. The CD is available by sending $15 to:

Rob Siegel

19 Mague Place

West Newton, MA 02465







My CD, “Voices from the Right Brain,” was #52 on the Folk DJ list for March 2005. It was recorded live at Club Passim on Friday, February 27th, 2004. The CD is available by sending $15 to the address below.


Read Geoff Bartley’s review of the CD




‘When they hunt down Moose and Squirrel just because they’re badly drawn’ – In The Song


What’s “Voices from the Right Brain” anyway?


It’s little surprise that those of us who are singer-songwriters do the singer-songwriter thing better than the recording thing. After all, you spend years learning how to interact with a crowd, establish intimacy, and sing on-key through a PA. When you get it right and try to record it, it’s alignment-of-the-planets stuff. You play perfectly, and someone drops a tray. Or the guitar is out of tune. Or the microphone placement isn’t right. So you go into a recording studio, take away the audience, the room, the PA, and all the other familiar cues of a live show and put the emphasis instead on technical perfection. But for many singer-songwriters, when you switch to this left-brain approach, you lose what you do well live and don’t gain back something of equal value. After several unsuccessful attempts in the studio, I decided to tempt fate and try recording a real show in a real room. The folks at Club Passim were good enough to give me a Friday night all to myself, and I was able to grab a lot of material. The songs on this CD were culled mostly from that one live show, with some bonus tracks thrown in from other Passim dates. After spending a lifetime being overlay rational about everything, it’s nice to know that I can let go, that my right brain can speak up, and that the voices say some things that make sense.