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Nice shirt there, Dick very 70s


Graduation Day: Liz Brackett and The Boss


Who are these folks on the ends? Anyone?

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Diane Tessaglia


Graduation Day -- Robby Siegel, Pat Rice, Scott Chase


Graduation Day -- Walter (aka Skip) Buchwald


Back row, left: ?, Jay Hovnanian, Paul Makinen, Prof. Chang, Dennis Robbins, Liz Brackett, Steve Atlas. Front row, left: Doug Alden, ?, Don Ewen (interloper from class of 79), John Ferreira


Front row, left: Liz Brackett, ?, Tom Weidman. Back row, left: Maurice Patel, Kofler, Scott Chase, Kathy who transferred to Cornell, ?, Paul Makinen, possibly Dawn Kalinen, Anne Mason (Smith College student), possibly Spencer Amesbury


Steve Atlas


Dick and Doug Alden

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