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By jacking up the trani and adjusting the angle with the transmission jack adapter plate, you can get the trani to clear the top bar, even though the bar is in the way. Sort of like if you had to get a ladder through a doorway.


So, yes, you CAN remove and install a trani using a mid-rise lift. But I stress that if you have the ceiling height, and if you do this kind of work a lot, a two-post lift is probably the better bet.


In the second iteration (above left), I used a big furniture dolly whose height was exactly the same as the plate on the wheels, allowing the trani to be rolled from one onto the other. This was unstable, so in the third iteration (above right), I did away with the plate and wheels entirely, and instead used a monstrously large truck jack mounted on the furniture dolly, with enough overhang to be able to clear the leg outright.