12 – When Oen Ran the Show

the weekly open mike night

waiting for your spot

to strut your stuff with songsmiths

show off what you’ve got

from the storefront to the firehouse

the hosts did come and go

but it found its soul and center

when oen ran the show


he shared the stage with spirits

an emotional exchange

a magnet for the misfits

and the burned out and the strange

introductions empathetic

so connected to the flow

you could not be lost or lonesome

when oen ran the show


soon many would bear witness

as the ranks of faithful spread

some go to church on Sundays

we came here instead


three AM still full of people

and we’d go round again

sometimes we went out to breakfast

cause we didn’t want to end


but something so organic

can not survive for long

we knew we were part of something

we knew that we belonged

there will be other venues

fertile ground for roots to grow

but man it sure was something

when oen ran the show


the pearl of passing moments

you still can see their glow

on memory’s sweet necklace

when oen ran the show



© 2018 by Rob Siegel. All rights reserved.